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The last few days have been hard. My daughter's best friend of 14 years died. I'm sure you automatically assumed that this was a person. It wasn't. It was one of her cats - one she got when she was 7 years old. She felt a special bond with Pumpkin from the minute she saw him. We had found someone in the paper who had a bunch of kittens. My plan was to bring home two because there are few things cuter than cats playing together.  So my daughter and I had an understanding when we got there - I would pick out one and she would pick out one.  It was a big decision. They were all cute and since we were the first to get there, we had several to choose from. I quickly chose an orange and white tabby, who, along with his stripes had a white belly and white on some of his legs. My daughter named him Tiger. My daughter also quickly found the one she wanted, but it wasn't a quick decision. The kitten-who-would-be-named Pumpkin had some kind of infection in both eyes and I didn'