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Pain that Interferes with Everyday Life

I haven't had a day without pain in so long that I can't remember it... My guess being at least a decade, probably more.  Since I was young, I was very sensitive. You probably thought when you saw the word "sensitive," you thought I meant emotionally.  Actually, you were right. I was incredibly sensitive emotionally. But what I'm talking about here is that I was sensitive to sound, texture, temperature - and, the reason for this post, pain.  However, it's difficult for me to express that I'm hurting. When I do tell others that I'm in pain, it's always accompanied by an apology (because my pain causes limitations that cause problems with being able to "go and do" as I'd like and usually my pain is also limiting the person I'm with.)  To the best of my memory, I was told or it was implied from what was said, that I needed to get over any pain I had, with sickness being an exception. I don't know how much that attitude in my fami

Cussing vs the Anger Behind It - What's Actually Sin?

If you read my posts regularly, you know that I question everything and usually think outside of the box. This is a trait I've had as long as I can remember.  This has led to many pet peeves and soapbox issues.  One is about cussing.  (Get ready... I'm now stepping on my soapbox and it will include some of the words I'm writing about.) I believe that it's the attitude, not the word, that's important. "Bad words" are a product of society, not something that is inherently wrong.  And I get SO TIRED of Christians apologizing when they cuss or judging others when they do.  Maybe I missed the verse in the Bible that says, "Thou shalt not say shit, damn, or fuck or I won't love you and you won't be mine."  I feel there's nothing different between saying "crap" when you stub your toe and saying "shit" after the same action. After all, don't they essentially mean the same thing? And how can you generalize certain words