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Engagement, Surgery, and World Games - Oh, My! (Wedding Planning and Jury Duty)

As part of the mental health issues I deal with, I can be a little (ahem!)... a lot obsessive. No, it's not true OCD but sometimes it feels like it.  Wedding planning was one of those times for me.  A combination of factors led to a crazy frenzy of wedding planning during the months of April, May, and June: - Pure, unadulterated excitement...  I've been wanting to get remarried ever since my divorce was finalized almost 20 years ago. During that time I didn't just run around looking for a husband, but I did pray about it - a LOT.  When I met my fiance', I knew how great we were for each other, but he had never been married and wasn't sure if he wanted to ever get married.  The prayers started again in earnest. One thing I learned from my divorce is that God doesn't make someone do something so I knew my fervent prayers wouldn't necessarily lead to an eventual marriage. But I hoped so.  When it happened, I was more than excited. All I wanted to do every waki