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Hospital Stay Musings and Advice

For those of us with multiple unusual and/or invisible illnesses, diagnosing a new condition can be difficult. Many times symptoms can be attributed to several of the conditions we already have so it's hard to tell if a given symptom is related to the new problem or a chronic one. My mom is one example. She has many autoimmune disorders as well as some other life-impacting medical diagnoses, but for the purposes of this blog, I'll include only the most significant ones. History: A few days before Christmas this year, she started showing symptoms of bronchitis. She gets bronchitis very easily and said it felt like when she's had it before. But because the family was coming over on Christmas, she wanted to be safe. She went to the doctor to get tested for flu and COVID. COVID was negative, flu was negative, but she was right and was diagnosed with bronchitis. A couple of shots and a few new prescriptions later, my whole family was relieved that she wasn't contagious and t