About a Month into Quarantine...

From my best guess (I didn't write it down), I started trying to stay home around March 12. Today is April 9 so it's been almost a month since I've been at home.

I haven't been at home all day every day during that time. At first, I did go to a few places where I stayed away from crowds but still got out of my house. But the majority of the days I have stayed home. There were a few days that I thought I was coming down with COVID-19 and, to keep my family safe, I stayed in my suite (which thankfully has a bathroom.)

I am a freelancer/gig worker. I'll do just about anything legal to make money but my jobs boil down to basically 4 things - photographer, Uber/Lyft driver, mystery shopper, and writer with writing being the thing I did the least of... until this month.

Now writing has kept me going as it's not safe to do any of the other jobs since both I and my family are all high risk to catch COVID-19. The only problem with it is that I only have had a few articles that I have been able to write, as I'm just a new writer and don't have a lot of contacts at this point.

But it really hasn't mattered as I've had MAJOR computer issues that started not long before all this happened. I have spent 5-6 hours a day many days of the quarantine working on trying to fix these issues. I still haven't gotten them all fixed but I do have enough fixed that now I can generally work doing more than troubleshooting issues.

It's been frustrating, to say the least. When I first heard about staying home, there was a tiny part of me (NOT the financial part) that was excited that I "had" to stay home. I have so many projects that I had been putting off because I just haven't had the time that I hoped to get done.

Then the tech issues got worse and couldn't be ignored. So my focus had to shift to fixing them. Each day I would cross only one thing off my list, if that. The only thing that had been keeping up my morale was that I could get that original list accomplished before life got back to normal and that wasn't happening.

I went into a deep depression but the determination to win over these stupid computer issues kept me from staying in bed all day like I wanted to. I kept heading to the computer each morning, trying new things or trying old things again but hoping they would work this time.

This past Monday I finally got most of the issues fixed. I'm still dealing with some of them, but I'm taking them slowly because they aren't integral to day-to-day computer tasks.

My mood has been better because now I can actually see some progress on the things I wanted to get done. It's still not great, though, because I'm exhausted from all of that effort plus anxiety over what's going on in the world.

But, for today, I'm thankful I can use my computer without too many issues and no-one I love is sick. And that's good enough.


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