Life Lessons from Candy Crush

It seems like all I've done lately on this blog is complain.  This wasn't my original intent - it's just that life has been especially hard recently.  But I thought it would be a good idea to post something more positive.  I wrote this a few months ago...

This morning I was playing Candy Crush, avoiding getting up and starting the day, and there was a level I had been on for awhile.  Suddenly I realized that not only am I winning the level but I'm winning it amazingly.  I had the thought, "Wow!  Everything just fell into place!"  I thought about that how sometimes that happens in life (first lesson).

Then... then next level...

I played a few rounds and wasn't doing well at all with it.  I decided to use some of my helps to manipulate and pass the level quicker. I used them all at once and as soon as I did I realized that they weren't going to make any difference.  I still miserably failed that attempt at that level.

Another lesson - Sometimes you can try to manipulate your circumstances and think that you've got it figured out only to find out that you still don't get the results you want.   But going back to that first lesson, if you're patient and you just keep trying, sometimes things will just fall into place.  That's the hope that keeps me going.

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