First Time to Pick Up a Camera Since Rotator Cuff Surgery

I posted this on Facebook yesterday. It's short (so unlike me!), but I so often share my struggles... I thought it might be good to share a success. Unfortunately, I can't share the photos I alude to here, but if you want to see them, go to and look for the post dated 1-22-23.

"I feel very amazed... blessed... and just a tiny bit sad. Below is the first shot I've taken since my rotator cuff surgery on November 21st - almost 9 weeks since the surgery. It's with my shorter lens (lighter) because I still can't pick up my best camera/lens (too heavy). 

The "sad" is that I am still very limited in how much I can shoot. I want to go crazy shooting the action, but I still have to be very careful with my shoulder. I'm just now getting back a decent range of motion and my strength is still way below normal.

One really cool thing is that Travis and I have full access passes, including media seats, access to shoot on the floor, and parking passes! I'm also including a phone photo of my place marker and media credential - the 1st I've gotten as "Tracy Frontz."

It's a bittersweet night, but much, much more sweet than bitter. A few more weeks/months and I'll be able to shoot away. But it's really nice that I was able to pick up a camera much sooner than I thought.


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