Sometimes It Seems EVERYTHING is a Struggle

I finally was able to get this website off the ground.  It seemed easy at the time... I had just developed a very involved, complicated website for my business - so how hard would it be to make one just to do blogs?  Well, it turns out, very.

I tried several web hosting providers that I thought I could get for free and there were always hidden costs.  After setting one up and THEN finding out the cost, and having this repeat a couple more times, I was about to give up.  But this is something I really want to do and so I figured somewhere out there was a way I could do it without killing my budget.   I finally found Blogger.

I had already bought the domain name (which also took longer than I thought because, who knew that there were price differences there too?) so all I had to do was develop this site and connect the name.  ALL I had to do?  When will I learn that it's never that easy?

I tried; I struggled; again I almost gave up.  But this morning I was finally able to get some help from customer service at the domain name site.  It even took them awhile to figure out what was going on but they finally fixed it.  So... I have a connected domain name but it wasn't coming up correctly.  I just had to wait a bit for it to get uploaded all the way and then it happened. is now live!

I know I haven't gotten into my story but the last few days have been rough so I'm very glad I was able to finally figure this out and be able to move on from this particular technical challenge.  Gotta celebrate the small victories where I can.  :-)

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