Why a Blog When There are So Many Already Out There?

So... Stigma and overcoming it is something I've been passionate about for years, but I assumed no one would care about my opinion about anything. But because of recent changes in my life, a new diagnosis, and other rough stuff I'm dealing with, I started reaching out for anyone - any stranger - who I could identify with. Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts all became my friends through this journey. If a voice in my ear or some letters on a page help me feel less alone and also give me a tiny bit of strength to make it through one more day, then maybe, just maybe, I can be that for someone else. If this just happens to help even one person, it's worth it.

I don't have the self-esteem to watch myself in a vlog or hear myself in a podcast, so I'm going to stick to blogging for now... and we'll see where it goes.

In this blog, I plan to discuss some issues with the stigma that I've dealt with for part or all of my life. Some of these are more accepted than others. Some it'll take some major courage to admit (so those will come later). I'm usually the kind of person who has a plan and an outline before embarking on a new venture. For this one, I just want to start writing. Sometimes it might be the struggle I'm having just making through a day. Sometimes it might be something I've thought about for years. Sometimes I'll take from things I've learned from others. Some will be short; some may be really long. I might blog every day for a week and then not again for a month. But I'm hoping that I might be part of the change that is slowly coming in our society about being able to be real and freely talk about our struggles.

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