Sh*t Happens …

The following is something a friend of mine shared with me.  I love it because it's a perspective changer.

Posted with his permission.

Your sh*t is of your own making.

So why wallow in your sh*t?  It is all over us; we stand nose deep; and the devil comes by and says “break time is over so get back down.”  We are entangled not only with our sh*t but also that of others.  So we wallow - filled with grief, despair, depression, suicide, and hopelessness.  We are  completely at a loss with the prospect of life.  And there is no way out.  I could not even commit suicide when I tried…

I was talking with a friend the other day.  I found out that his grandfather and mine were students of sh*t.  His granddad had studied the effects of fertilizer from different zoo animals.  Most would dissolve right away giving a spurt of growth in foliage, but does not last to the maturation of bearing fruit.  But elephant sh*t is firmer and breaks down slowly - giving slow, persistent nourishment that reaches down to bear much fruit.  

Sh*t from the big cats, lions, tigers, and leopards, when placed around the perimeter of the garden, will protect the garden from varmints like rabbits and deer from entering in.   My granddad, also a farmer, knew his sh*t from cows and composting, and could make some of the best black jack soil to raise his fruits and vegetables. 

German farmers are proud of their sh*t.  They build bins in the front yard to show off they have lots of it. 

You see they have found the purpose of sh*t.  It gives life.  If something does not sh*t, it is not alive.  Over time this sh*t breaks down into nutrients, becoming part of the soil which is a base for growth.  

As we process our situation, the struggles, rejection, ridicule, and rejection, we find new inner strength to walk out of the mire.  We are able to see where others got out; we got exposure to the spiritual life that redefines our situation.  We find a new life with much more meaning and greater fullness in the simpler and relational aspects of life, thus giving ourselves and others the hope of a better, abundant life.

You see sh*t happens for a reason – to have a more productive and fruitful life.  May you find it in your journey.


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